Zhejiang Balford Mechatronics Co.,Ltd. focus on difficult stamping & deep drawing. Main product: motor housing and difficult custom deep drawn stampings.


China Zhejiang Balford Mechatronics Co.,Ltd. have these certificates to proof to the customers that the company is legal and authorized.

  • Business & trading license
  • ISO9001 and ISO/TS16949
  • Tax registration certificate
  • Company credit license & Bank account license

For many companies business License Management and the legal use of quality management is becoming an important topic e.g. as part of their corporate governance, their policies or their ISO certification. Companies do also care about their suppliers and want to make sure that they too are compliant with the current regulations, do not infringe any intellectual property and use legal and authorized patent only.

In recognition of growing international awareness and need of business License Management, China Balford offers its customers the quality management Certificates that document the legal use of China Balford. China Zhejiang Balford Mechatronics Co.,Ltd. can use these certificates to proof to their customers that the company in use is legal and authorized.

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