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Methods to solve the uneven appearance and side scratches of stamping and drawing parts

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There are many reasons for the uneven shape of punching and drawing parts. The main reasons and solutions are as follows:

1. There is no air hole on the punch.

When punching, the air in the workpiece is pressed out by the punch and cannot be discharged, which makes the shape of the drawn part uneven, which is also the reason why many people tend to ignore it. The solution is to add air vents on the punch.

2. The blank is uneven.

The surface of the blank is uneven, causing the surface of the deep drawing workpiece to be uneven. The treatment method is to replace the material with good surface quality.

3. Strong rebound of material.

The material rebounds greatly, resulting in the formation of deep-drawn parts. The solution is to increase the annealing or forming process.

4. Protruding, the mold gap is too large.

If the gap is too large, the working surface of the mold loses the straightening effect on the workpiece wall, resulting in uneven shape of the workpiece. Therefore, the mold gap must be trimmed or replaced.

5. The negative deviation of the thickness of the material is too large.

If the material is too thin, the mold gap will be relatively large, resulting in uneven shape. The material needs to be replaced with an appropriate thickness.

In the process of stamping and drawing parts, if the phenomenon of uneven shape occurs, you may first find out the reasons from five aspects.

For the side-scribing problem of drawing parts, factors such as product size, material, thickness, drawing height, etc. must be considered when designing the stamping and drawing die gap. Unreasonable die gap design will also cause scratches. For high-level or small-diameter products, multiple deep drawing operations must first be calculated when designing the die. If the process design is too small, it will also cause scratches.

As far as stainless steel products are concerned, the roughness of the punching and wire drawing of the mold also has a great influence on the surface quality of the product, and the surface of the mold should be polished as much as possible. In view of the severe deformation of stamping and drawing parts, try to choose a hydraulic press for processing. If the mechanical stamping process is too fast, it is easy to cause the surface quality of the product to not meet the requirements.

For punching and drawing parts, when selecting raw materials, materials that are easy to stretch in a soft state must be selected. For some special products, annealing while stretching can also be considered. In actual production and processing, we must pay more attention and more analysis, so that we can better solve problems when encountering problems. In fact, the processing process of stamping and drawing parts is not so complicated. For stamping parts that customers are satisfied with, we need to see more and see more. Analytics for faster resolution when problems are encountered.

The above is about the uneven appearance and side scratches of stamping parts. Various problems will occur in the process of stamping parts, but the solutions to the problems can be found in time to ensure the processing of stamping parts. Quality is the foundation of the long-term development of an enterprise. I hope the above can be helpful to readers.

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