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Massage motor case back cover

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Massage motor case back cover

1. Manufacturing process: cold-rolled sheet coil, deep drawing, deep drawing, and redrawing

2. Scope of application: steel pipe motor end cover back cover, lower cover

3. stamping material: cold rolled sheet

4. Surface treatment: galvanized

5. Dimensions: The outer diameter is 59, the material thickness is 1.5, and the height is 14. In addition, the dimensions can be customized according to your company’s requirements. The unit price is negotiable with our company.

6. Product features: there is no burr on the end face, the cut surface is parallel and vertical, and the appearance is bright

7. Quality: Strictly control the production quality, the products are fully inspected before shipment, and the products must be inspected before leaving the factory to ensure that every process meets the requirements and quality problems.

Quality comes from details, confidence comes from customers’ evaluation of our evaluation, in order to let you buy better products , strive to perfect every detail, from accessories to craftsmanship

All are devoted to the pursuit of quality by Balford people.

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