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Introduction to the manufacturing process and method of stamping sheet metal parts

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stamping processing technology is a relatively advanced processing technology, and everyone may not know much about stamping processing. Then the editor of Zhejiang Baifudu Electromechanical will introduce it to you.

Stamping refers to a production technology that uses a mold to apply an external force to the plate in the mold on the press, thereby deforming the plate and obtaining the required shape and size. The method of stamping is generally cold stamping, so stamping parts are generally carried out at room temperature when they are manufactured, but they are called cold stamping.

Cold stamping is a processing method often used by stamping manufacturers. Stamping parts can be processed at room temperature, and cold stamping can be used to obtain products, which are basically no different from molds, and can even be described as exactly the same. , to better ensure the accuracy, size, size and appearance of the product. And the operation is relatively simple, the production efficiency is relatively high, the labor amount is small, and the cost is relatively low. Therefore, stamping manufacturers generally use this method to process stamping parts. This stamping process is very suitable for mass production of products.

In fact, the processed products have many uses. In daily life, these produced stamping parts can be seen everywhere, and there are many stamping parts in many instruments, bicycles, and household appliances. In the automotive industry, metal stampings account for nearly half of the total parts; in agricultural products, tractors of all sizes have stampings. Even in aerospace, there are stamped parts.

As can be seen from the above, stamping parts manufacturing is indeed a very advanced, fast and convenient production technology. It is hoped that this kind of good stamping processing technology can appear in more fields in the future.

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