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How to choose raw materials for automobile stamping parts?

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A large number of cold stamping processes are used in the processing and production of automobile stamping parts, which meets the requirements of the automobile stamping parts processing industry for various varieties and production. Medium-heavy vehicles, large-sized surface cage parts, such as body outer panels, and some load-bearing and support parts, such as frame, carriage and other auto parts, are processed by automotive stamping parts. The cold stamping parts are made of steel plates and steel belt fasteners, accounting for 72.6% of the total installed steel volume. The relationship between cold stamping die materials and automotive stamping parts processing and production is very close. The quality of the product not only determines the performance of the product, but also directly affects the process planning of the automotive stamping parts processing process, and affects the quality, aging, service life and production structure of the product. Therefore, the selection of suitable raw materials is one of the important factors, and it is also a very difficult and complicated task.

Generally, the car stamping parts we use are all directed to beautiful, applicable and economical. However, when weighing the quality of stamping parts, we should pay more attention to the number of processes of stamping parts. In addition, reducing the number of processes and simplifying the operation process in the stamping process is also a difficult problem. Then, when commenting on the quality problems of car parts, it can also be identified by the layout of stamping parts.

Of course, a small number of car stamping parts use a little standard when judging the quality. In the process of application, it is not easy to describe with pen and ink, but there is a little standard or existence for judging the quality.

Common defects in car stamping materials include burrs, wood surface warpage, and dimensional deviations.

Automobile connecting rod stamping parts are generally difficult to avoid poor burrs, but if the processability of the formed products is improved and the stamping conditions are improved, the burrs can be reduced.

This is a glitch, a little more important:

1.1 Clearance

The gap of the stamping parts is too large, too small or uneven, which will cause burrs. The main reasons for gaps that are too large, too small, or uneven are as follows:

– Mould manufacturing error – The processing of mould parts does not conform to the drawings, the parallelism of the bottom plate is poor, etc.

Assembly error – large guide rail clearance, poor concave-convex assembly, etc.

Poor pressure accuracy – For example, the clearance of the press guide rail is too large, the parallelism between the bottom of the rocker plate of the slider and the surface of the table is poor, probably because the sliding distance of the slider and the verticality of the table of the press are poor, and the rigidity of the table is poor.

d Installation error – For example, the upper and lower bottom surfaces of the mold are not wiped clean during installation, the fastening technique of the upper mold of the large mold is wrong, or the center of the upper and lower molds (especially the non-guided mold) may be installed, and the movement is unilaterally skewed.

The layout of the e-die is divided into the lack of rigidity of the die head and one-sided, and the unbalanced force of automobile stamping parts.

The curvature of the steel hoist is large – the steel plate is not satisfied.

1.2 The knife edge is slow.

Slow sharpening or biting can cause burrs. The influencing factors of edge passivation are:

Die convex, concave and convex materials and their surface treatment conditions are not good, poor wear resistance.

Poor typography, poor rigidity, and crunch.

It cannot be lubricated in time during operation and wears quickly.

d The geodetic front cannot be ground immediately.

The above is related to the processing of automobile stamping parts. There are many kinds of automobile stamping parts, so the selection of stamping parts also has strange specifications. And there must be a good treatment method for the common defects in the processing of automobile stamping parts. I hope the above can be helpful to readers.

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