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Answer for What is the ratio in deep drawing?

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deep drawing is the metalworking of forming sheet metal, called blanking, into geometrical or irregular shapes that are more than half their diameters in depth. deep drawing involves stretching the metal blank around a plug and then moving it into a moulding cutter called a die. Common shapes for deep drawn products include cylinders for aluminum cans and cups for baking pans. Irregular items, such as enclosure covers for truck oil filters and fire extinguishers, are also commonly manufactured by the deep drawing method.
Your kitchen sink is a perfect example of deep drawing technology as it is both deep and seamless. Deep drawn parts manufactured for industry range from tiny eyelets used as reinforcements to large enclosures that house industrial production equipment.
A drawing press can be used for forming sheet metal into different shapes and the finished shape depends on the final position that the blanks are pushed down in. The metal used in deep drawing must be malleable as well as resistant to stress and tension damage.

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