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Answer for How to designing a deep drawing manufacturing process?

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Designing a deep drawing manufacturing method have to have planning, calculations and possibly some in-house testing. Calculate the surface region on the completed aspect and allow for a trimming allowance. Set the surface location of the element equal towards the surface location on the sheet metal blank, then resolve for Db. Additional material may be put in to the blank, (ie. +10% Db), it is going to develop a flange that may be trimmed off latter. It’s going to assistance calculate a standard optimum blank shape for your operation.

Measure the thickness ratio = t/Db X 100%. Thickness ratio ought to be more than 1% or wrinkling might be an issue. Calculate % reduction. r = (Db – Dp)/(Db) X 100%. If the % reduction is over 50% program for redrawing operations. redrawing will need the design of intermediate shapes. When designing intermediate shapes, consider the reduction, then set the surface regions on the blank, intermediate parts and final drawing to become equal.

Needed punch and blankholder force may be calculated determined by blank shape, blank thickness, punch and die shape, punch and die corner radius, sheet metal material and friction. deep drawing approach iteration by way of trial and error can optimize the manufacturing operation over time. Process factors which include volume of reduction, blank shape, corner radius, or blankholder force may possibly have to be adjusted based on the outcomes of earlier processes.

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