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Differences between forming and finishing of stamping parts

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In order to improve the precision of metal stampings, some stamping processes, such as refurbishment and refurbishment, are sometimes added during the production process of stamping parts. So, people who have just entered the industry will ask, what is the difference between the two?

Shaping is to use the reshaping die to press the inaccurate parts of the bending or stretching parts into an accurate shape; Or for the stamping parts with surface flatness requirements, the flat stamping parts with arch bending and warping shall be flattened with the leveling die. That is to say, depending on the material flow, the shape and size of the process parts are changed a little to ensure the accuracy of the workpiece. It belongs to the forming process of stamping parts.

Trimming is to remove the allowance of the outer edge or inner hole of the blank with the trimming die to obtain a smooth section and accurate size. It is a blanking process applied to stamping parts and belongs to blanking process.

That is to say, shaping is used for the forming process of stamping parts to improve the shape quality and dimensional accuracy of finished metal stamping parts; The trimming is often used in the blanking process of stamping parts to obtain high-quality blank or inner hole of stamping parts and improve the dimensional accuracy.

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