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Design principles of precision stamping die structure

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  1. Design principles of precision die structure

1. According to the production batch of stamping parts, determine whether to use a simple die structure or a complex die structure. Generally speaking, a simple die structure has a short life and low cost, and a complex die structure has a long life and high cost. Therefore, if the number of stamping parts is small, it is more suitable to use a simple die structure. Larger quantities are more suitable for conventional die structures with longer service life.

2. The accuracy level of the stamping die is determined according to the size requirements of the stamping parts. If the dimensional accuracy and section quality of the stamping parts are high, the precision stamping structure should be used, and the stamping parts with general precision requirements can use the ordinary stamping structure.

3. Select the type of stamping die according to the capability of the existing equipment. For example, when drawing workpieces, a double-action die structure is much better than a single-action die structure.

4. The type of unloading device in the die structure is selected according to the thickness of the stamping plate. For example, when blanking thick plate workpieces, if the requirements for surface straightness and sharpness are not high, a fixed unloading device can be selected. Suitable for selection.

5. Select the mold type according to the technical conditions and economy of mold manufacturing. For example, when the technical requirements of die manufacturing are low, a simple die stamping structure should be designed as much as possible. When the variety of mold equipment is complete and the machining accuracy is high, in order to improve the service life of the mold and achieve mass production, a more complex precision mold stamping structure should be selected.

Designers should consider a variety of factors when choosing a die structure. Because simple stamping dies and general traditional stamping dies have their own advantages and limitations. This requires analysis and comparison to make the selected stamping die structure mode as reasonable and reliable as possible.

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