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Benefits of Deep Drawing with Stainless Steel

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The number of cycles per product is lower than for metal spinning and welding. 

Monolithic parts may be formed from a single sheet or plate material. 

A fairly uniform material thickness can reach the shape of stainless steel. 

May create deep parts while avoiding welds from multi-piece construction. 

Cost-saving tips for stainless steel deep plucks. 

Stainless steel tends to tighten and harden during cold molding, so ideally it has minimal deformation. 

The design should minimize depth to diameter ratio (or the length and width) to avoid stress relief processes. 

Generally limit to 2 reductions before needing stress relief, ratio of depth to diameter ratio in 304 or 316 to at most 1:1.33 in most gauges. 

From about 14 gauge (0.074 in / 1.75 mm) thick material, the tensile formability decreases as the thickness of the metal decreases. 

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