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Aluminum stampings

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Aluminum is a kind of metal widely used in the world, which can be used to manufacture aluminum metal stampings. Some common grades of aluminum used to manufacture aluminum metal stampings are 1100, 2024, 3003, 5052, 6061. In addition to these grades of aluminum, Yiwei Precision also has experience in using many other grades of aluminum and aluminum alloys. Some advantages of aluminum stamping are:

1. Aluminum is a relatively soft alloy with excellent formability.

2. Aluminum has a light weight and a high strength/weight ratio.

3. Aluminum is corrosion resistant.

4. Aluminum can be anodized to enhance corrosion resistance, form a harder surface and provide decorative effect when appearance is required.

5. Aluminum is non-magnetic and provides good thermal conductivity and conductivity.

Over the years, we have provided aluminum metal stamping and deep drawing aluminum metal stamping for many industries, such as the automotive parts market, industrial equipment, railway, aerospace, electronic and electrical industries.

We only buy aluminum from reliable suppliers, and our engineers have more than 20 years of comprehensive experience. You can expect to get high quality and low cost aluminum metal stamping and deep drawing aluminum metal stamping.

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